MMA Betting

mma betting

MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with a unique blend of striking and wrestling. It requires a strong understanding of the fighters’ styles and history, and careful handicapping. Accuracy is key when placing MMA bets, as the sport is notoriously difficult to predict. The best MMA bettors are able to separate the hysteria surrounding the sport from the facts behind each fight, and they focus on the statistics that will help them make sound wagers.

A crucial facet of MMA betting is paying attention to the weigh-ins. It is common for fighters to lose a significant amount of weight through water dehydration before a fight, which can affect their performance. This is because extreme dehydration can decrease the cerebrospinal fluid in a fighter’s brain, making them more susceptible to knockouts. By examining the weight cuts, bettors can better understand how a fighter will perform in a particular matchup and place more accurate wagers.

Round bets are a popular way to wager on MMA fights, with bettors placing over/under bets on how many rounds the fight will last. The majority of MMA matches are scheduled for three rounds, and only main event fights or title fights are extended to four rounds. Since fighters have different fighting styles, this type of MMA betting is more complex than in football or baseball, where over/under bets are based on total points scored.

Method of victory bets are another popular MMA betting option. These bets are not about which fighter will win, but how they will win the fight. This type of MMA betting offers much higher payouts than simply picking a winner. Typically, there are three different ways to win in MMA, including a knockout, submission, or judge decision.

Paying attention to a fighter’s style and history is also important when making MMA bets. Some fighters have the ability to finish a fight quickly by using their superior strength and footwork, while others prefer to battle out the full distance. A fighter’s ability to balance functional strength with cardio is also important. For example, fighters who rely on kickboxing techniques tend to have slower movements and may struggle in a long fight against opponents with superior endurance.

Another thing to consider when betting on MMA is the possibility of a DRAW. In the past, younger fighters have won 61% of the time when facing older opponents in a close fight. However, this statistic can vary depending on how far apart the fighters’ ages are.

Lastly, bettors should look into the odds for late replacement fighters. This is because these fighters often have less than a month to prepare for the fight, which can affect their performance. This can also affect the overall odds of a particular fight. It is important to look into these details when betting on MMA fights, as they can increase the potential payout of a parlay bet.