How a Creative Artist Creates Amazing Domino Installations


Dominoes, small rectangular blocks that are marked with two groups of spots on one side, are a popular toy and a favorite game among children. They can be stacked or arranged in many different ways to create interesting shapes.

The chain reaction that occurs when a domino falls is analogous to the way the nerve impulses in your body travel from one cell to another. Once a domino is knocked over, it starts a chain reaction that travels down the line and continues to grow stronger until all of them fall.

To create her amazing domino displays, Hevesh starts by planning out what kind of arrangements she wants to incorporate. They might include grids of dominoes that form pictures when they fall, stacked domino walls, or 3-D structures like domino towers or pyramids.

She then makes test versions of each section of an installation to make sure it works individually and then puts all the pieces together. She films her tests in slow motion so she can make precise adjustments if something doesn’t work as planned.

Once she has a good idea of what she’s doing, she starts sourcing the dominoes needed to build her installations. She uses a formula to calculate how much she needs of each type.

Hevesh also makes a point of talking to her suppliers to ensure that the dominoes she buys are high-quality and will last for a long time. She’s also careful to get a wide variety of colors, so she can create a range of beautiful arrangements.

When she’s done with the supply-chain side of the project, Hevesh gets to work on her actual installation. She’ll set up the largest 3-D sections first, then add flat arrangements and finally the lines of dominoes that connect all the sections together.

Before she can start putting up the installation, Hevesh takes a lot of time to perfect her designs. She makes sure every domino is exactly the right size, shape, and color to give her the best possible effect.

She also plans out how she’ll arrange each domino in a particular section of her installation, and she makes sure to film each part in slow-motion so she can make precise corrections when they don’t work as planned.

To make her domino setups even more spectacular, she’s been working on team projects that involve 300,000 dominoes. She’s also helped set a Guinness World Record for the most dominoes toppled in a circular arrangement: 76,017!

The domino effect is a phenomenon that has been used as an inspiration for business strategies and personal growth. It shows us that when you focus on one activity, it will generate a powerful, unstoppable momentum for other things you are doing.

This is why the domino effect can be such a valuable tool when it comes to achieving your goals, especially when you have limited time and resources. It can help you identify the most important tasks to complete and prioritize them, so that you can work on them first before moving on to more challenging projects.